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Red Island Pty Ltd is an Australian owned premium beverage company located in Port Melbourne, Australia.

Established for over 11 years and responsible for successfully launching and growing the brands; Quiet Deeds, Quilmes, Alhambra Beer, Chase craft spirits and Scarlett’s Spritzers. Red Island was also the exclusive importer of the very popular Rekorderlig Cider, launching the brand back in 2009 and successfully growing the brand to become the #1 selling cider in Australia before selling the brand rights to Coca Cola in 2013.

Red Island started from very humble beginnings, founders Patrick Ale and David Milstein were childhood friends and both moved to Melbourne after completing High School in country Victoria. Over a customary beer one night during their time studying Engineering degrees at Melbourne University, they planted the seed to start up their own importing business along with the dream of owning their own brewery. The boys kicked off their business with their first Brand, Bolivian beer 'Pacena' shortly followed by the well-established Argentinian 'Quilmes' beer which gave them great success and a solid foundation to expand their company. After a long slog of hand unloading containers themselves and paying for beer on their credit cards, today Red Island has five successful brands in their portfolio and their very own craft beer called Quiet Deeds with plans to open their own craft brewery in the tail end of 2015.

Red Island

Patrick Ale

Director of Sales and Marketing

Red Island co-founder Patrick Ale heads up the sales and marketing for Red Island. Having previously worked for a wide array of industries including multinational digital, online publications and global promoters, he always had the drive and passion to create his own company. Patrick is also a qualified Engineer and holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. When he’s not out scouting the world for new premium beverages to fit into the Red Island portfolio or working on the next Quiet Deeds brew, Pat is at home spending time with his family, having recently had his first child. Coming from a multicultural background, originally born in Poland with a unique heritage of Half Polish, Half Bolivian, Pat has a great love and appreciation for good food and is very well travelled.

David Milstein

Director of Finance and Operations

Red Island co-founder David Milstein heads up the finance and operations for Red Island. Having previously worked in car manufacturing and engineering, he hadn’t found his true calling in finance until he co-founded Red Island but always had a passion for business fostered by his father who had his own successful business in country Victoria. A true country boy at heart he was born in Gippsland and knows a thing or two about drinking good beer. When he’s not crunching the numbers and planning the next expansion at Red Island, Dave is a big sports fan, he particularly enjoys cricket and is a beloved Sydney Swan fans (we don’t hold that against him). He’s recently got engaged and is busy planning his wedding coming up in early 2016.



Mahou 330ml Spain

Mahou 5 stars is the leading beer in the Spanish market, the fourth biggest beer-drinking country in Europe.

Mahou is much more than a beer, it is much more than a brand. It is 125 years of history, transforming and growing with the Spanish Society since 1890.

Founded by Casimiro Mahou, it all started with a brewery in a district of Madrid, which immediately became a meeting point and catalyst for lesiure in the city.

With 125 years of history, Mahou 5 stars has always been there to satisfy the most demanding taste buds. Produced from the highest quality varieties of hops and yeast, it stands out for its golden colour and distinctive taste. The result: a well-balanced flavour which lingers in the mouth.

Made from 100% natural ingredients. 


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Quilmes 340ml Argentina

As Argentina’s favourite beer, Quilmes is more than just a beverage – it symbolizes the country’s way of life. With over 40 spoken languages nationally, Argentines come from diverse backgrounds, yet are all characterized by their love of getting together with their friends and family and having a good time. Sunday BBQs, tapas with friends, and pizza during the weekdays are an excuse for a vibrant and busy social life, and Quilmes beer has become as much a part of the Argentinean culture as empanadas or the tango.

Quilmes beer, or Cerveza Quilmes in Spanish, was founded in 1890 by father and son duo Otto Bemberg and Sebastian Otto in the bustling city of Buenos Aires. Over 120 years later, the Quilmes brand stays true to this dream and remains quintessentially Argentinean in both its spirit and flavour.

Crafted from the finest hops sources from Patagonia and the purest water from the Andes mountain ranges, Quilmes is a 4.9% lager style beer that delivers the flavour of Argentina to all those who drink it. With a crisp dry taste on the palate and a broad, expansive character, Quilmes Beer is the perfect balance of body, smoothness and bitterness, and has a bright golden colour on the pour.

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Quiet Deeds


Quiet Deeds Pale Ale Australia

Quiet Deeds was born in a local pub in Port Melbourne by Red Island co-founder Patrick Ale and David Milstein. After dabbling in the alcohol industry with a few different products, Pat and Dave finally they had the opportunity to be able to produce their own brew and follow their ultimate dream of owning their own brewery.

Quiet Deeds is essentially a good deed, but done in a modest way. It's about celebrating the small deeds that we all do on a day to day basis. Like shouting your mate a beer when he's having a rough day and not expecting a free round in return.

All Quiet Deeds brews are produced with quality and flavour in mind.

RANGE: Pale Ale, India Pale Ale , Session Ale, Vanilla Porter (Limited Edition), White India Pale Ale (Limited Edition), Lamington Ale (Limited Edition..coming soon)

SIZES: 330ml bottle, 375ml can, 50L Keg

ALC%: Varies

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Quiet Deeds

Jumping Goat

New Zealand

Jumping Goat Vodka New Zealand

Jumping Goat Liquor was born in New Zealand from the love of real coffee and strong alcohol. It has a punchy 33% alcohol content and is made from real cold brewed, organic coffee.

The story of Jumping Goat starts way back with an Ethiopian goat herd by the name of Kaldi. Kaldi discovered the benefits of a good coffee after watching his flock nibble at the bright red berries of a local plant. The goat became "Jumping Goats" according to him and carried on energetically well into the night, so he too tried these beans and discovered what fun coffee can be. Legend has it he also mixed these beans with something a little stronger from time to time and those Ethiopians discovered how to really have a good time. We decided that's still true today even if you aren't Ethiopian.

Served neat as a shot or with Ginger Beer.

RANGE: Vodka, Whiskey

SIZE: 700ml

ABV: 33%

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Jumping Goat



Chase Potato Vodka England

Based in rural Herefordshire, family-run Chase Distillery is housed in a converted hop kiln barn amongst 400 acres of rolling potato fields, apple orchards and Herefordshire cattle farmland, owned by William Chase (the entrepreneur behind Tyrrells Crisps). 

Original Chase Vodka, the first of the Chase family of products, is the world's first super premium English potato vodka. To make it, organically grown, gluten free Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta potatoes from the farm are mashed, fermented, stripped and distilled, using traditional methods not changed since the early 1900s. Each bottle remains hand filled and sealed on site, ensuring a truly single-estate process from potato to bottle.

Also available are a unique range of single-estate gins including the original Williams Chase Gin, GB Extra Dry Gin, Seville Orange Gin, and the light and refreshing gin-based Summer Fruit Cup, all created from cider apples grown on the Chase farm using very similar artisanal distillation methods as noted above.

RANGE: Elegant Gin, GB Gin, Chase Vodka, Marmalade Vodka, Rhubarb Vodka, Smoked Vodka, Mulberry Sloe Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Rhubarb Liqueur

SIZES: 700ml, 500ml

ALC%: Varies

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Alhambra Spain

Alhambra Reserva 1925 is a symbol of craftsmanship, mystery, elegance and high quality. Decades of brewing tradition is what makes Alhambra Reserva 1925 captivating for true beer lovers only.

A superior quality crafted beer made in the traditional fashion. Brewed with crystal clear water to an age old recipe from the city of Granada, Spain, a multicultural city, a city of art fusion, home to the famous Alhambra Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Consistent head with a smooth texture. Golden amber colour and lightly toasted aromas. Full-bodied with a rounded, constant and pleasant flavor. Perfect bitter-sweet balance with notes ranging from bitter orange to slightly caramelized aftertaste.

RANGE: Alhambra Reserva 1925

SIZES: 330ml

ALC%: 6.4

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Isfjord Vodka Greenland

For more than 180,000 years, the water used in ISFJORD has been frozen and preserved as ice in the vast icecap of Greenland. As centuries pass, Mother Nature breaks the ice into floating icebergs from where millions of ice pieces naturally scatter into the ice fiord of Ilulissat. On this unique location the ice is handpicked by local icermen and melted into the purest natural water on earth. This water is distilled with the finest botanicals and blonde wheat, and here the magic of ISFJORD Premium Gin & Vodka is created.

Gentle, smooth, pure. The story of ISFJORD.

RANGE: Gin, Vodka

SIZES: 700ml

ALC%: 44

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Export With Us

With 11 years experience growing brands in Australia, we are passionate about how we represent, promote and position brands in the market place. Our track record of taking unknown brands to category leaders is well documented, we know that growing a brand takes hard work.


Through our experienced in-house team we deliver results in the areas of sales, distribution and marketing, which are backed up by strong customer relationships Australia wide. We're not about having hundreds of products in our portfolio, each of our brands sit in our portfolio because we are passionate about them.


If you would like us to represent your brand please contact us.


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